Jane Horan is an author, speaker, expert in cross cultural leadership, and the founder of The Horan Group, a consulting practice focused on building inclusive organisations and meaningful careers.

Jane’s book, I Wish I’d Known That Earlier in My Career: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics, a self-help business book used by corporate universities and career coaches globally; and How Asian Women Lead: Lessons for Global Corporations, based on doctoral research using storytelling, the book presents a new perspective on the future of leadership and careers.

Jane is a frequent speaker to large organisations and small groups on a variety of topics including, Understanding Unconscious Bias, Creating Meaningful Careers, Transformational Women Leaders and Building Savvy Skills.

She has over 20 years of work experience for iconic brands (Kraft, Disney and GE). Blending work, culture and research, Jane uses these experiences to help organisations retain talent and individuals create meaningful careers. She consults to Fortune 100 firms, BP, Credit Suisse, Covidien, HP, McDonalds, Microsoft, Monsanto, Jones Lang LaSalle, Syngenta, SingTel, VMWare and many more.

She has lived, worked and studied in the US, China and Hong Kong, and holds an Educational Doctorate from Bristol University. Jane now lives in Singapore with her executive coach husband, twin teenagers, two cats and a dog.