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The Horan Group works with global organisations to build savvy, inclusive and engaged work environments with the sole intent of retaining talent. We help you recognize and retain talent to drive performance and innovation.

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Unconscious Bias

To ensure organisations “see” the right talent, learn the key to building an inclusive work place by examining subtle and visual bias across gender, generations, culture and leadership style. Using stories, visuals and discussions, to explore the pervasive nature of bias.



Building Savvy Skills

To ensure the “right” managers transition to leadership, re-framing thinking on “office politics” and exploring power networks, connections and connectors, personal brand and perception management.



Career Navigation

Ensuring success in career management reflecting on self as a leader, understanding values and finding purpose. Applying savvy strategies for successful career navigation to help managers determine what they want and how to achieve through an adaptable career path.



Savvy Tools

The Political Savvy Assessment examines social impact, politics and power, networks and connections, perception management, visibility and credibility.


Political and Social

Politics–rarely discussed, yet always needed–is a critical leadership skill. Take the Political and Savvy assessment and see for yourself.

The assessment examines five aspects of savvy: relationship capital, perception management, political insight, social awareness and visibility.
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